The Founder


I loved serving clients and managing the staff at Blue Touch Multimedia. I worked full time and over time. I really loved using my skill to execute tasks but the working condition at the workplace made me reconsider keeping the job. I reflected on the matter with my boss. Though he admired how much I worked for him but he was unwilling to give a good or an average Salary. I had no choice. So I quit the job eventually. 

However, working in the company helped me in other ways, it improved how fast I am able to work or how quickly I am able to serve a number of clients in few minutes. The pressure at the workplace was very high so I had to handle a lot of tasks swiftly, and since the number of employees in the company were few, I had to help around all departments to ensure that the right thing is done and customers have been served well alongside solving machine misbehavior problems to facilitate the work and to reduce frustration and fumbling especially among fresh employees who had little knowledge and skill and had to be trained to fit the various job positions in the company.

At most times, I had to train novices to acquaint themselves with softwares and the type of printers they had to work with while teaching them how to handle trivial errors and how to deal with impatient clients. I was too young for such huge responsibilities as a new Senior High School graduate who had just completed my Graphic Design Course in few months. However I emboldened and inspired myself to face the task.

I gave my employer a 3 month pre-notification about my decision to abandon the job. Later, I quit the job peacefully.

However, I did not leave without a plan. I had woven a beautiful dream of setting up my own business and exploring other areas related to my field of study.