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A little background about me 

My name is Isaac Sarpong, I'm a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer, but above all I'm a creative. My passion is to create, invent and communicate emotions through images. I love innovations and I always try to differentiate myself from the crowd for originality. 

Each new project represents a challenge for me that I cannot wait to tackle to create something beautiful and never seen, but the greatest satisfaction is to see, together with a successful project, a satisfied customer.

My passion for graphics was born when in elementary school, with a sheet and a pencil, I started to draw my teachers while they were teaching, designed houses, machines and everything that went through my mind, from that moment I never stopped designing.

To become a Graphic Designer and Web Designer I pursued a Visual Arts program at Nkawie Senior High Technical School, where I studied Graphic Design. I fell into the world of graphic design purely at the age of 19 while I was still at school.

I started my new career as a typesetter and a graphic designer for a printing company in Ghana. I soon realized I preferred the creative side of composition more than typesetting. Before then, I learned, practiced and developed Photoshop skills as well as other graphic design and page layout programs, becoming an experienced ad designer.

Originally from Ghana and virtually self-taught, in 2013, I evolved from typesetter and designer to production manager at Blue Touch Multimedia. As a production manager, I organized, controlled and monitored the flow of printed materials in the company. I checked schedules, confirmed product specifications, arranged adjustments, oversaw the work of staff in the company, monitored the quality of the product and ensured deadlines are met.

I had to train novices to acquaint themselves with softwares and the type of printers they had to work with while teaching them how to handle trivial errors and how to deal with impatient clients. I was too young for such huge responsibilities as a new Senior High School graduate who had just completed my Graphic Design Course in few months. However I emboldened and inspired myself to face the task. I loved my position but the working conditions at the workplace made me reconsider keeping the job. I quit the job eventually. However, I did not leave without a plan!

How SibCity Innovations got started

On February 15 2012, SibCity Innovations was born out of a desire to help local start-ups and small businesses create a professional, cohesive and consistent brand throughout all their marketing material so they could compete with larger, established businesses in their market.

Now in its sixth year, SibCity Innovations offers graphic design, website development, social media, WordPress customization & maintenance, proximity marketing, and other business services for small businesses, entrepreneurs and network marketers throughout the world.

I am a constant learner, enjoy a challenge and love developing my skills. With the ever increasing speed at which technology changes, there is always something new and challenging to learn. All this in order to offer 360-degree services that allow my clients not only to have an excellent service but also to be able to make the most of all the various channels, both digital and paper (google, social networks, e-mail marketing, merchandising, packaging, flyers, catalogs etc ...)

Being virtually self-taught, I’ve often looked at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow my skills and experience. I have a creative mind and an eye for detail. As well, I am often full of ideas and enjoy finding solutions to other people’s problems.

Trusted Partners & Affiliations

Although I run my business solo, I realized a long time ago that, in order to provide the best service possible, I cannot do everything myself. Over the years, I have met, connected and built relationships with various complementary professionals and experts, such as content writers, editors, photographers and print shops, who I can call upon to help fulfill my clients’ needs where I cannot.

As an affiliate with other service providers, from print-on-demand and proximity marketing, to capital funding and merchant processing, I am also able to offer a variety of complementary marketing and business services to help other businesses expand and grow.

My goal is to transform small businesses’ marketing material from drab to fab, setting them apart from their competition. With the help of my trusted partners and affiliations, I’m able to complete both small and large graphic and website design projects to accomplish that goal.

With that in mind, I have created a variety of graphic and website design packages. These packages are designed to help solo-entrepreneurs and start-ups get started with their marketing, small businesses revamp their existing DIY marketing material, and expanding businesses to develop their brand online and off.

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